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Pain can affect your mood and mental health. Back and neck pain are particularly common. Here you will find resources to help you to manage your pain and your mood, which have been put together by patients like you, working with experts at Keele University, Mind and the NHS.

Please feel free to download or share the following information. All resources are evidence based and have been co-produced with patients and the public, clinical experts and academics.

These resources have been put together by patients like you, working with experts at Keele University, Mind and the NHS.
You can access these resources by scrolling down this page and selecting the resource you require from the buttons below.

Mental Health Animations

Bee Free

These animations explain the link between low mood and long term pain.
There is a full animation which can be downloaded and used with patients, and there are five shorter animations called ‘the Hive Five’ which cover the five key areas people can focus on to help themselves feel better.

Mental Health Repository

We have created a resource to give the support and awareness needed for mental health needs of people living with persistent neck and back pain. This resource is local to Staffordshire.

Bee Free Repository

Mental Health Websites

BeeFree is an initiative taken together with Keele University Impact Accelerator Unit, Mind and local NHS organisations.  You can find out more here – BeeFree | Welcome To Beefree

Mental Health Children and Young People

What to do if you think you might have a mental health problem This animation has been produced with a young people, carer and family advisory group (supported by the McPin Foundation) for young people and parents to show how to get support for mental health problems. It has been developed following research from Keele University, the Universities of Manchester and Exeter and the mental health research charity The McPin Foundation, who looked at the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on young people's mental health.

The following infographics explain more about what everyone can do to support young people with their mental health

CHOOSE Infographic Young People

CHOOSE Infographic Parents

CHOOSE Infographic Teachers